I've become fascinated with those five-year diaries that only allow enough room for a sentence or two per day, per year. It speaks to both my urge to document and my urge to always find something else to do rather than something that doesn't take much time and would be appreciated later. (See also: exercise, lesson plans, cooking from scratch, and scrapbooking.)

And then I remembered that I have a blog and that I'm a dumbass. There's nothing stopping me from writing down a sentence a day... even though the unspoken proprieties would probably gently redirect me to Twitter or Tumblr for this.

Entries I would have to choose from today if I had one of those five-year diaries:

  • My ear really itches. Didn't I see the doc about this last year? And he said it was allergies?
  • Networks down all morning at school. There went those lesson plans.
  • Mike ran the Roomba twice. Maybe he will steam clean soon.
  • I hate when Mike lets the Roomba clean around the toilet. I've seen the floor next to the toilet, and that should be a bleach-and-gloves-only zone.
  • No, last year I saw the doc about the bug bite inside my ear that got infected. It was the year before that with the itchy ears.
  • But also last year.
  • Every September. Must be allergies.
  • Or students.
  • Mike already checked for lice.
  • Pudding!
  • Watched MacGruber last night. We keep forgetting that we have a television in the bedroom.
  • Wore new pants today. I like the deeper pockets.
  • Worked until about five. Where does the time go?
  • It's only week two: how is there still grading to be done?
  • So, here we are, watching Henry V. Only took me 20 years to get around to it.
  • You know who was interesting? King Lear's father. Last summer I had a fancy to write a story about him... or his wife... or King Lear's wife... but I was afraid of copying Jane Smiley.
  • (But that didn't stop Christopher Moore from writing Fool, so that's a pitiful excuse for not having the focus and tenacity to try to write a story-story. I'll leave talent out of it because who knows until you try? Such is the allure of not trying!)
  • I'm a yod-dropper.... except for "news."
  • "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!"

Scritchy-scritchy scratch-scratch.

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