Ricotta, Peppers, Garlic

Something has happened in the past month or two: I've completely changed my pizza topping preferences.

Before I was firmly a mushroom person; maybe mushroom + onions if it didn't cost too much. If I didn't like the mushrooms at a particular place, or just wasn't in the mood, I'd get onions + pineapple. Or sometimes just pineapple. On a few occasions I even saw my pizza covered in mushrooms + pineapple and sometimes + onions as well, but then I'd remember why I don't do that. I also like black olives, but I don't like too many toppings interfering with the cheese patches, plus olives can be a little too bitter.

I don't know what happened. I think it's because of Mac Shack, this place down the road where they make pasta to order. Pick a sauce, pick a noodle, pick toppings, etc. (You can see my Yelp review here. The first visit was "meh," but the second-chance visit sealed the deal.) Tired of carrying over my pizza preferences into pasta, I decided to order pasta with roasted pepper cream sauce, ricotta, jalapenos, and garlic.

Yum! And then I tried it the other way: ordering the same ingredients on pizza. Yum-YUM!

It's funny because I hated mushrooms as a child, but when I became a vegetarian I decided to try the scary fungus again, just to make sure I hated them, because back in those days, if you didn't eat mushrooms, you were looking at a lot of sad cheese + bread + sides dishes at restaurants. And luckily - unlike with cooked spinach and soggy collard greens and okra in almost any form - this was one ingredient where my childhood yucky-meter was wrong. (Maybe those over-sensitive kiddie tastebuds find mushrooms just a spot too pungent?)

So, the mushroom pizza that was my gateway to second chances 24 years ago has been semi-retired in favour of more spice and the strangely pleasant sensation of cloudy clumps of ricotta. I wonder what other food revelations are waiting for me. I'm eager to try spaghetti squash...

Otherwise, we've been getting Indian almost every weekend. Last night I milled around the former La Concha/El Morocco parking lot while Mike ran in to the Riviera food court for what is (surprisingly) some of the best Indian in the city. (Although the naan was rather terrible this time.) Oh look, here's another Yelp review from me.

But I'm really sick of eating out, honestly. Even when we only do it once a week. Mike now makes curries as good as any we can buy, and until a new restaurant opens, I feel like I've worn out the thrill of trying new things. With a bunch of cooking possibilities pinned to my Pinterest board and a book called 660 Curries within fingers' reach, here's hoping that my resident chef and senior Roomba operator will be cutting down on our to-go box footprint soon...

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