Summer Rolls (Over)

Home from a spontaneous meal at Panna Thai. I've come to regret meals out that stem from laziness and not seeking some new dining experience... is this why people take up skydiving? Mike has resolved to pay better attention to my "Vegetarian Pleasures" Pinterest board and cook accordingly.

Tonight we're watching season one of (deleted). I'd say what, but the same people who delight in popping to throw out insults would probably also throw out spoilers, if they thought it would upset me. (Why am I so powerful to get such a rise out of passing strangers? Is it because I'm the Dalai Lama's secret suburban twin? When Mike heard that the Dalai Lama loves cheese, bread, cilantro, and sweets, everything suddenly made sense.)

I will say that it's not Mad Men - finally got into that this past summer. As excellent as the hype. (But when is Sal coming back?!)

Last night we watched Olivier's iconic speech from Henry V (III.i) after seeing Branagh do it. Um, Olivier was shit. And I remember thinking the same thing twenty years ago when my friend Julie had a paper due so we watched both Zeffirelli's and Olivier's Hamlet. Okay, I'm no Mel Gibson fangirl, but Olivier? Shit. I know old movies and new movies each have their own charms, but I'm just talking about performances. And Olivier? Shit-shit-shit.

I keep repeating that because once you've commited the sacrilege of saying that Sir Lawrence is shit, you've just got to run with the moment. Some goons from the RADA will probably be around any moment to "have a word," so I'm going to type it now before I'm too busy trying to unknot the scarves tying me down in front of the TV looping The Larry until I "get it."

I mean, I want to appreciate him, even if only in the context of the day, but what was so awful about the other actors that he was considered good? Were they less pretty? Less precise in their speech?

Subject change, same category: I'm always bothered by photos of Charlie Chaplin showing all that light, ruffly hair.

Subject change, new category: It's going to be ages before I qualify for an Aussie degree at the cheap rates. If I decide to go with science-science (astrophysics), I really should start re-learning math now. (It would be nice to have those reckoning skills anyway, and I'm convinced that I'm only ignorant in advanced math, not actually bad at it.) But if I decide to go with information science (sorry, but it's embarrassing to even type that phrase - STAND BACK WHILE I CATALOGUE THIS DATABASE!), all I need to do is keep indulging my OCD tendencies when it comes to organization, right? Heh.

And now it's 10:21 on a school night and I have to dream less interesting dreams.

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