Smitten with Written Kitten

My teeth are pretty normal again. (I had forgotten what it was like to be able to brush behind my back molars!) So, while mine wasn't really a horror story (just horrible pain and meds that worked like my hatchback climbing the mountain to Big Bear Lake, and I'll remind you that this past summer that ended with an overheated engine and a night's car rental), Mike has learned to not reassure people that wisdom tooth extractions are "easy" or "pretty painless" or "no big deal." And I have learned that "I will eat soup all the time! Soup is good!" convictions pass pretty quickly once the ability to gnaw returns.

(But Plan Alaska is still underway. In baby steps. The kind of baby steps infants take when they're just dangling from their father's arms and being hopefully swirled and dipped over the carpet.)

I was just on MeFi where someone made a post about writtenkitten. You get a photo of a kitten for every 100 words you write. (Excuse me while I paste this in.)

The 156 words above got me this cutie:

What's for dinner?

Now back to Facebook, where I'm (surely) boring people with too many status updates (three in one evening!), with at least one being - (Susan from Coupling voice) APPARENTLY! - too subtly silly to avoid a rather pointed comment from an acquaintance about (APPARENTLY!) having too much time on my hands.

I have always found them curious, those people who begrudge others for a little mental frolicking on their own dimes. They're not unlike those who proudly say "I have a life" when you're eagerly describing something they find frivolous. I suppose I should be grateful they even took the time away from their cancer-curing and world peace-bringing thinktank to give me those four tired words.

And for that rant I get two kittens!

Neska i Guisla al sofa

Discussion topics from recent status updates (and no, I didn't post each one individually - I'm a bore but not completely uncouth in social networking etiquette):

  • What's up with the Obama-Gillard press conference where, when answering a question, the President suddenly referred to the Aussie Prime Minister as "Julia"? I even asked on MeFi - no responses.
  • So, I have ordinary UV and/or polarizing filters on my lenses, which makes me wonder what effect they have on my photos when they cover the nice glass. (Okay, so only two lenses have nice-ish, not L-quality but well-rated, glass. And I only have four lenses.) I've seen people be persuasive in both directions, and for years I've just left the filters on to protect the glass, rarely even caring about twirling the polarizer. But maybe I should be thinking lens hoods instead? (But they're kind of expensive. But you can make your own! But those aren't very sturdy. Unless you get ambitious! But I'm not ambitious.)
  • Who was our "greatest ally" before the President said this morning that it was Australia? Is there a timeline somewhere? Seriously, because I really thought it might be Canada. Or is Canada more like family and not in the running? How does the UK feel? Was Obama really referring to just Australia or to the whole Commonwealth?
  • I can't decide if Pumpkin-Nutmeg Dinner Rolls would be just so fragrant and interesting or a dense, sickly mess.

I get another kitten!

Weekend In Bed

(These photos are all CC licensed for sharing. I'm assuming, per my own Flickr CC designations, that the direct link and HTML title tags are sufficient attribution.)

I best shut up before I become a full-on cat lady. (Not that there's anything wrong with that... unless you are already a full-on hamster lady.)

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