Alys - Sitting Up

Alys, gentle mother of so many little hamsters, many of whom arrived two weeks after we adopted her and her companions, many of whom we suspect to be her offspring as well.

She lived a low-key life, always sweet and never fussed, with her daughters Caroline and Vanessa. And like many of her daughters (Adora Belle, Madeleine, Vanessa, and probably Charlotte), she developed tumours fairly early on. Luckily hers didn't keep her from running in the wheel or playing peekaboo in the cottage, and she seemed to always be happy.

After all, this is how we adopted her:

Shelter Hammies

And soon after there was, with help from the fellow in the lower right corner above (the SPCA is historically not-so-hot at separating males from females), a lot of this:

Alys and Four of Seven

For a year and a little over two months, we've had eighteen (18!) dwarf hamsters, all just about the same age. I wish we had fewer, just so we could spoil each one better, especially since this lot will be the last. But at the same time, I wouldn't give up any of them. (Although, as I said on Facebook a few months ago, "I just realized that we're the Duggars of the hamster world.")

Alys lived at least 17 months, and I'm guessing it's a lot closer to 20 months or beyond. A goodly age either way for a dwarf hamster with tumours and litters and an early life of stress. We miss her, our last matriarch, but we are, as always, grateful for good lives and peaceful ends. Love and kisses and all the tofu you want, little Alys.

Alys with Bruncheon Tofu

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