And I Actually Need to Buy Some Dishwashing Soap

This post is completely inspired by just having watched a commercial for Dawn dishwashing detergent with Olay inside. It's not really about the soap - although we are out - but about the cute little sponge featured in the commercial.

YouTube has any number of Dawn commercials, but not the one with the pink sponge with fuschia daisies in it.

I actually have pink daisies in our kitchen right now. Ooo.

Kitchen Daisies

Half-price at Fresh and Easy, even. (Which is my most recent Yelp review and finally puts me past 100. Maybe I can stop now. Maybe I'll opine here again instead.)

Maybe it's the 2 a.m. talking, and the way The Bob Newhart Show is on the television (which just led to me downloading a sample of Marcia Wallace's autobiography), and the fact that I'm on Day 8 of a strangely nasty cold but really must go to work in five hours despite flip-flop sleep and continuing oogeyness what with having missed the last four days and final exams started in six hours... but I thought I'd catch up the unseen world on what's happening with me these days.

Oh and look, I just did.

By the way, I'm not happy with everything that's on the fridge door. I come from a people who prefer, to this day, a silky smooth refrigerator front. And although Mike and I have collected a few cherished magnets, it's a careful collection, and things like free business magnets get put in clutter drawers if we like the business, then eventually thrown away when my WASPy upbringing manages to wrestle for itself a little extra forebrain.

But it's not the magnets that bother me, but the big empty (and ugly) notepad that I won't let myself take down until we plan more meals, damnit, and the card on the left that I made for Mike some years back and that, when told last year to find a home for it so it would stop looking out of place in the bedroom bookcase, he chose to stick where you see it now. So now I scroll back up to the photo and think, awww, him placing the card there is more touching than me gluing it together in the first place. Of course that's where it must stay.

But the big notepad has got to go.

And speaking of "got to go" - I have a few hours left to lie awake and wonder how I'm going to function, even as proctor and especially as freeway driver, on reduced mental capacity as I go to work at bedtime and come home after 24 hours of being awake.

How I envy those of you who can just... sleep.

18 January 2012 |

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