Upon a Frosted Pony

As I try to declutter our home, a home destined to suffer heaving cupboards and teetering closets as two hobby-oriented, nostalgia-minded, gadget-enriched people with enough dwarf hamsters (and all their assorted architecture) to land their own reality show - if people cared as much about pet rodents as they do about the Duggars - cannot help but press the limits of building code and physics when home = a one-bedroom apartment, I find myself wondering if there's really room in my life for Yet Another Pastime.

And the answer is, "Of course there is." Especially when I'm no longer holding on to every "Terms and Conditions" booklet and assorted addenda for every credit card I've ever, ever had. (I like to think that this is more OCD than mini-hoarding, and until they make a popular TV show about OCD - other than Monk - it's acceptable to feel superior.)

I've been attracted to the idea of cake decorating since I was a wee, cake-lovin' tot. As I think I've described here before, my Mom did a class back in the early 1980s, I think it was. I don't know if it was Wilton - who seem to operate without competition in cake decorating culture, but her class used plastic cakes to practice. That cake decoy was around our home for many years, always disappointing me anew when it failed to be the real deal.

That Wilton (now?) requires its students to bring in their own cakes has been the dealbreaker on taking a class for a long time. (And eBay seems to have never heard of the plastic practice cake. Have we found an untapped aspect of the retro market?)

I'm not incapable of making a cake, especially from a mix, but really I have a low interest in baking. It's fun when I do it, but I rarely do it unless I'm trying a new recipe, and that just happens so I'll feel creative. It's not like I'll ever make it again. So really, I just want to know how to make the pretty flowers, right?

I don't even know why. I'm never involved in parties or other occasions where a decorated cake will be admired, and Mike hates buttercream icing with a passion.

That's why I didn't try to get Mike to take a class with me... true, I thought it would be a completely fun couples activity where we'd be united in our philosophies that include really not wanting to eat Crisco-based icing or design football-shaped cakes decorated with hundreds of tiny brown flowers. But, it was one thing to drag him to the scrapbooking expo in 2007 (hey, our matching glittering magnets from the make-n-take are charming!). What can you do with a man who hates buttercream? It would be asking too much.

And my Mom? She had fun at the classes, and she decorated one birthday cake for me, and that was it. Despite continuing to enjoy cooking and baking, I never saw her touch a pastry bag again.

Time passed. I kept toying with the idea. But why do a cake decorating class? It's not like you learn the fancy stuff right away, either. And you have to buy supplies. And you have to declutter your apartment even further to make room for those supplies. Bah. Leave it alone.

And then a few weeks ago, in the spirit of actually doing the things on Pinterest and not just gawking at them, I made these: Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes.

Except mine didn't look at all like that. Mine... had more of a "bloodshot eyeball" effect.


However, they were delicious. And so moist. You should definitely make some of these.

The cherry frosting, however sad looking, was completely yummy, and I even sort of understand why I ended up with fluffy gloop (that I flung onto the cakes with a spoon) instead of icing that could be piped into artful swirls.

Not that I was going for that. No, that happened a few days later, while I was still under the spell of the Cherry Coke Float success and decided to use up some Meyer lemons for cupcakes with chocolate frosting.


I think we all know what that looks like. Like, literally looks like.

I swear our kitchen isn't bathed in hot studio lights. But even if I had done better with the stiffness of the buttercream (maybe I should've used a different recipe from last time), there was no excuse for the frosting spilling over the top of the decorating bag or me not being able to think of a design more interesting than the attempted swirls.

The part of me that's been saying, "Yeah, I'll learn cake decorating someday with YouTube and plenty of practice" began to falter.

So I suppose I was ripe when my phone buzzed last Saturday. Ah, an alert from my Michaels app. (If you ever shop at Michaels - and I do, since Jo-Anns and Hobby Lobby are both on the other side of the valley and not right around the corner - get the app. Just get it,)

Hmmm, a class open house? And all Wilton classes are half off?

Now, I know the situation with Michaels and their Wilton classes. They cost more than at other places. You're meant to wait for the deal, the coupon, the whatever. (This is true of anything you buy at Michaels, so again, get the app. You will always have a 40%-off coupon.) So, this "buy 2 classes, get 2 classes free" promotion (with the less-advertised "or get a single class for half price" side note) wasn't a rare and special occasion.

But, as they say in Grouponia, the deal was on. Was it time to take the proverbial plunge? (And have you seen those cupcake plungers that inject creamy frosting into the middle of the cupcake?)

I drove over. I walked up to the table. I nodded politely during the spiel. (Like I hadn't read the Wilton class forums every single time I got the "Should I?" blues.)

I noted and respected that this instructor doesn't require that you spring for and/or bring everything on the Wilton list (damp cloths, icing colors, sticky notes, and Wilton-brand icing). I liked that she mentioned up front that cookies might not be decorated during the first class. (A common complaint on the forums.)

Ten minutes later I was signed up for a month's worth of two-hour classes ($22), with the "Decorating Basics Student Kit" ($23 after app coupon) under my arm.

Yeah, most agree that it makes better financial sense to go for the Wilton ultimate caddy, $120 + tax after coupon. But, even if I planned to take all four classes - and I already know I can't do the other two until September if this ends up being totally fun - I'd rather start small and see what happens. Again, there's only so much space in the closet.

So. Here we are. Twenty-six hours away from my first cake decorating class.

I'd like to write more on this, but I have to make my now-daily trip to Michaels. Why? Well, that falls under "more." (Which comes before "later.")

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