Wilton Wannabe: Gum Paste and Fondant, Class 1

Last night (ask me how my split-sleep is going) was the first night of Course 3, "Gum Paste and Fondant."

Wait, Shari. Didn't you just take Course 1: Decorating Basics? Why are you in Course 3? Did you get to skip a grade, just like that new girl in the 8th grade that all of your friends pointed out to you as, "smart, like you, but she skipped a grade (expectant pause)"?

Sudden sidebar (yes, already): When my mom was in elementary school, they wanted her to skip a grade... but then it was decided that would be too weird for my uncle, who was a year older. She was bummed out. Although not as bummed out as when she didn't get the drama scholarship at her school because "we wanted to give it to you as you're the most qualified, but you're a woman and therefore will just end up throwing it away to get married and have babies."

Which makes me think of this other thing. (We'll get back to the Wilton in a jiffy, I swear!) Have you seen the latest nerd anthem? Which is to say, the latest Guild video? You don't even have to be a gamer to nod yourself up a "yessiree, I get it."

I was going to post this video on my Facebook wall (and I will, as soon as people have had enough time to love on my Wilton updates - in Facebookland's land of limited character allowances apparently I don't digress quite as much), but then I got into a discussion with Mike about bullying. Like, how crazy it is that sometimes I don't discuss being bullied in school when around certain people because I don't want to be seen as a victim or, worse, have the "LOSER" label buffed up and freshly affixed.

Which brings up the real question of why I even have people in my life who would do that instead of nod with the weary smirk of understanding. Maybe I don't.

I guess I just remember being in an education class (don't get me started on the worthlessness of ed classes) and the teacher and several students (many of whom were already teachers) were preaching about how bad home schooling is because "you don't get properly socialized." (I know, I know. A whole other grumble for a whole other day.)

I casually piped up with something like, "I don't think the bullying I received in junior high 'properly socialized' me for anything I've experienced in my adult life. I feel I would have benefited much more from an environment where academics were taken seriously and the nerdier, creative, enthuasiastic types like myself were encouraged, not repeatedly made to learn that life isn't fair."

And almost as a one, the exception being my friends next to me now looking at the floor, the class turned to me with collective looks of pity and an almost vacuous silence hovered until discussion resumed, now with the qualification that "normally" students really need this kind of socialization.

(Would it mean anything to anyone if I pointed out that the student arguing most passionately against homeschooling was a coach? As in, "We need a coach, so we'll hire you to teach whatever." He was in the class to get his emergency credential so the school wouldn't lose a coach with an afterthought degree to someone whose qualifications didn't center around their athletic prowess.)

So, old gripes aside, Mike said something to the effect of "and if you put it on Facebook, people may think you're getting bullied in cake decorating class." Which doesn't make sense, but was totally funny and I kept giggling. "Oh, look at the little baby, using the spacer rings that come with her rolling pin. Whatsamatta, you don't want to invest in new rings? Is it because you think you might drop out? Because your carnations SUCK?" And then visions of keep-away games involving a variety of fondant cutters kept me amused for the rest of the night.

Speaking of amused, why not watch the video again?

Something I didn't realize the first time I watched: their younger selves are smiling at the end. And singing the words. They know. Just like I knew. (I was lucky.)

And to "all the asshat jocks" and "prom queen bitches", now I'm the one who's cool:

Wilton - Course 3 - Class 1 - Bow

The bow is the end-product of the first class. I can see a hundred flaws with mine (or three: oops on the rough edges, oops on the accidental grooved edge although I might do something with that deliberately next time, and oops on not trying harder to get more loops in each ring), but it's recognizably a bow, so, go me! (See, that is how you foster a positive learning experience.)

Otherwise in class we made bases for next week and just generally played with the gum paste. I didn't even have a reason to open my package of fondant. I can still say I've never touched fondant! But that's okay because I'm taking Course 2 tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll get to fondle the fondant then.

So, no, I didn't skip Course 2. I just decided to do them concurrently because May, June, and July are going to be so busy for me, whereas April's schedule is easy-pants. If you're an old-school Wiltonite or not a cake decorating fool at all, you should know that Wilton redid the curriculum pretty recently, so Courses 2 and 3 don't have to be taken in any particular order now, despite the implications of a numbered system. You do have to take both before you go to Course 4, however.

In addition to not touching the fondant, there was a lot we didn't need for the first night. Sparkling sugar? Big rolling pin? Wax paper? Nope. Nope. Nope. I didn't even use everything I set out on my workspace, per the lesson plan booklet:

Wilton - Course 3 - Class 1 - Workspace

But I'm glad you can see the adorable little rolling pin because it was buried when I took my pre-class supply pic.

Wilton - Course 3 Supplies - Class 1

(Click to go to Flickr and enlarge so that you can see all of the geeky commentary. You made it this far - you might as well.)

Okay, now to unpack everything, wash it, and get ready for the next first class: Flower and Cake Design. Because...

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