My Arms Are Already Tired

The good news:

  • DFW to LAX to AKL to PER = weak anecdotes about "visiting" New Zealand for years to come.
  • Two weeks from today!
  • Virgin America First Class.
  • Air New Zealand Spaceseat!
  • Priority Pass on sale.
  • Sheraton Club Room/Lounge on sale.
  • Being reunited with my beloved husband after nine crazy months.*

The bad news:

  • The 10-hour wait before the big flight.
  • The 14-hour flight.
  • The 8-hour layover.
  • The 7-hour flight.
  • The math that equals 39 hours of transit time once I leave the hotel.
  • Air New Zealand old-style "Premium" Economy (aka plenty of legroom for taller folks but no movable armrests, aka "shimmy into your bucket and hug yourself tightly for seven hours" for the non-twee, and I want to throw up just thinking about it).
  • Having to do it all over again in a couple of months, backwards. (Life is complicated, but I tell myself that next time I'll have enough advance notice to plan a route through Hawaii with an overnight.)
  • The obvious.

* A crueler wife would ball up her jacket and stick it under her shirt before exiting baggage claim.


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