Do Not Mock Happy Fun Poptart Bear

Had a splendid day yesterday on my first visit to Margaret River... all without touring a single winery, which is probably considered a Feat of Strength (or Silliness) among the getaway elite. Didn't take the camera, but I have some passable cell phone pics to share later.

Today is a public holiday here in Western Australia. (Don't ask me to name it because to do so would be to take a political stand. I may as well alienate everyone by admitting that I can see both sides.) Mike is at the grocery store (open until 4 p.m.!) as I type, getting "normal food" as well as some cookies and chips because if I have to keep taking trash out of the sink, then I need "sulkies." The whole trash/sink thing is a great rant for another time, provided I can tell find a way to tell it without offending any of my in-laws.

Anyway, I wrote lesson plans while Mike slept this morning, and - store excursion aside - he's grading this afternoon while I play Forbidden Island over and over on the iPad. (Thank you, Wil Wheaton.)

But, when not hard at work looting a sinking island or proving that teachers don't get enough hours in the work day to do a proper job, I've been playing Drawception, which I discovered while getting very curious about "Eat Poop You Cat," which I found when people said it was better than Telestrations.

Anyway, I just wanted the world to see my effort for "bear with pop-tart body uses the toilet":


(Now to wait for one of my 8 of 8 games to finish to I can run this new addiction into the ground.)


03 June 2013 |

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