Ducks of a Feather
I've never properly talked about the local wildlife park, have I? Parrots sitting on my head and arms around roos and how it's keeping me sane without pets of my own any more? And it's all just a few minutes from home? Oh well. Perhaps someday.

(WTH Blogsy! Bad enough that I don't post, but must you eat what I do write? Argh...)

Yesterday was a great visit because we had a classic park treat:


I even made a little video:

Normally most of the seeds go to the more exotic birds, but this time I had to give the ducklings at least three helpings because they were so mindful of their mama. She wouldn't allow them to eat directly from our hands, and no matter how tempted they clearly were, they patiently waited, necks slightly stretching over an invisible line in the hope that the ban might be lifted. Parenting done right!

They were allowed all the tossed seeds they could peck, though. (And the one time we decided just to get one bag of seeds! We'll be making it up to them soon.)

It's molting season, and although we seem to have missed most of it in just the past fortnight, we still were able gather a happy collection of feathers yesterday. I don't know yet if they'll go into the smash book or if I'll make a feather jar to go next to the dried-up flower jar.

Flowers drying on the buffet. I am properly pressing some between heavy magazines, but I call this method "rustic" i.e. easier.

I think this feather may be from the lovely Blueboy.

He's also known to us as Traditional Hat Bird.

These are cockatoo feathers. Cockatoos bite, so they aren't in the park's open aviaries. (But they are all in the trees, everywhere you look and listen, so that some are captive just metres away is a bit surreal.) (I said "metres"!) (And spelled it like the precocious transplant that I am.)

We told ourselves the long green feather might be from Django, a male eclectus parrot and the most gregarious bird in the smaller aviary. Django loves Mike and flies to his shoulder right away. Most of the time he likes me fine, but then there are special times when he likes me a lot. Too much. I will say no more, other than I guess I'm flattered and maybe I shouldn't lead him on with my shirts that expose so much neck.

The red feather is perhaps from one of the Australian King parrots.

Full circle, a duck feather.

My favorite bird is perhaps Chookie, but she can be a bit funny, and so I don't have a decent photo of her... but that's a great excuse to go to the park twice this week, isn't it?


11 December 2013 |

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