Begins With Gah

One hates to post twice in one day; one would prefer to savour (with that spelling) perhaps for a month or two the accomplishment of having posted at all.

One has, however, committed oneself to completing a month-long photo challenge meme this year, and should one manage to so in the tender month of January, then one's calendar of obligations might be free for the rest of the year, not counting bills and the activities related to paying them or recovering from them. Having been a touch tardy with the first post, one must bear the consequences and thus glut the usually vacant market with a second.

Today's topic is "Begins with G."

For my G-word, I chose God, which by the way is about the cheatiest word you can pick. Take a photo of anything and you could argue for someone's idea of God to be represented in it.

But I don't think I cheated that much after all. This morning as the sun rose (and as I took the usual billion snaps of that because I'm still not used to being able to see the horizon from my own home), I observed that there is a sliver of time when our (brilliant) kangaroo nativity scene on the dining table casts a shadow on a nearby wall.

A wiser woman would find a way to connect this image to Plato's Allegory of the Cave, but as you can see, the wise roos weren't in the path of light coming through the blinds, which perhaps means we aren't supposed to overthink this. (Also, two posts in one day?!)


03 January 2014 |






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