Lucky Everything

The photo challenge topic for today is "Lucky Number." I have two favourite numbers, which may or may not be lucky, but it would feel disloyal to quit them now. One of those numbers is shown in today's challenge photo:

Hint: It's not 50 or 2.

Normally I'm not so flush with cash. In fact, I rarely carry cash at all. About ten years ago I pared things down to a flat emergency $20, and then once married I urged my husband - he of the sentimentally stuffed wallet - to take over the work of guarding our token currency. When I had to get just-in-case money out for my solo drive to Texas last year, I was flabbergasted to see how much the US notes had changed.

These days Mike has the honor of toting my ID and national health card as well. I cannot stress enough my dislike of purses. To be fair, I'm always willing to carry keys and phones in my pockets. Those things will make a warning thunk when sneaking out and hitting the ground - unlike a slim plastic flipbook of cards. (I don't do wallets, either.)

But because my mother-in-law is better at Christmas than I am, I now have my very own Aussie dollars. (I never did convert what was left of my US money after the trip over.) So pretty. And plastic! And see-through!

US money may finally have a smidge of color, but it's as if whoever finally caved on this also made the stipulation that we couldn't enjoy it. I never minded the perversely samey greenbacks, but the current bills are just awkward hybrids, seemingly borne of a rather divisive committee meeting. Why can't we have windows?

(If anyone else is equally disenchanted, feel free to send me your ugly money. I will convert it to fluttery Oz notes and then circulate it locally. No charge!)

09 January 2014 |

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