To Do Less To Do

Today's Yesterday's photo challenge topic is was "To Do List."

(I think. Mike's current game requires an unprecedented amount of bandwidth, meaning I can't turn on my wants-to-upload-a-few-pics-to-Photo-Stream iPad to check anything online. This is how selfless / distracted by the latest Sophie Kinsella novel anyway that I am.)

I know I always pimp on about SMASH books (caps because it is Hulk-style, not an acronym) and how brilliant they are for people who want to do old-style scrapbooking but with a few useful/fun aids, and, oh, here I go advertising for free again. (I'm the worst 21st-century blogger.) Too late. Can't be stopped. Love it too much to shut it.

The best product that the SMASH people make, the books aside (and even that's debatable if you prefer to assemble your own), are these things called SMASH pads.

All (official) SMASH books seem to include at least one page designed around a Top 10 list. But paying a couple of bucks each for the pads gives you tear-out lists/prompts of all sorts for embellishing a page, which can be a nice change from just scribbling alongside the smashed object. (And per the topic, a few of the designs are "to do" lists.) Most of the pads have themes (travel, entertainment, holidays) with a few copies of each design, but my new faves are "Blank" (yet it's really not) and "Past, Present, and Future" (similarly generic but 30 designs in one pad with no duplicates).

When traveling with a SMASHbook, I limit myself to the book itself plus one small, zippable pouch to hold things that need smashing plus some stickers, clips, backup glue, little pockets, and a couple of SMASH pads.

A Google Images search for "smash pad" probably better shows off the product than the collage above. (But wouldn't fulfill the challenge, so here we are.) I blurred out most of the words for the pics of my various smashed pages using tear-outs from the pads, but of course I left the omelette instructions visible. And of course I smashed the recipe card for the omelette. (And this was done in the dedicated food-related SMASH book, of course. Of course.)

Those omelettes are all I can talk about lately... maybe because the alternative is to think about the start of a new school year. My back is finally improving just in time to help Mike plan out his four subjects (one of which is new), but not so improved that I can stand around his department's office for hours and brainstorm, or so improved that I can crawl around on our floor to try to organize the chaos of his first year into meaningful piles for this one. Live and learn (and smash, and pat pigs)!


22 January 2014 |