Things One Buys at IKEA after Landing a Job

My morning yesterday:

8:30 a.m. - Commence solo drive to Mike's place of work for job interview. I realize that's about 14 different blog posts packed into one sentence.

9:00 a.m. - Feel surprise at being put into a small room with two questions, a pen, and several sheets of paper in order to "prepare." The quiet complements my total mental block.

9:15 a.m. - Be led into the principal's office to start the interview with three admins.

9:37 a.m. - Take selfie while walking across school parking lot. Caption imagined: "This is the day I totally bombed an interview and made my husband's previously wonderful work life awkward."

11:37 a.m. - Realize that phone is still turned off. Turn on phone. See missed call. Return missed call.

(Entire life changes.)

And again, that's enough material for another dozen posts, but what I want to talk about is driving up to IKEA that afternoon. Enough with the stick and on with the carrot!

See, we decided that we wouldn't buy bookshelves until I got a job. Even though we've paid more for some board games and dinners than for one simple flat-pack bookcase, buying bookshelves is symbolic. It says "My future is so stable that I might unpack one of our 45 remaining boxes of books."

IKEA delivers for free to a local warehouse, but we wanted to look over the KALLAX (formerly the EXPEDIT) in person, since until recently we'd had our minds set on the BILLY. (Alas, that one's not deep enough for storing games. At our current rate of game acquisition, I'll be lucky to get books on half the shelves.

Am I supposed to be capitalizing all of these letters? I don't know. I'll stop that now.

Anyway, yep, soon we'll be joining the hordes of Kallax/Expedit enthusiasts, the very core population of "IKEA hackers" if Pinterest is to be believed. I'd like to include a photo, but IKEA's site only has tools to share on FB/Twitter or pin, not embed. I've been playing a lot of Drawception lately, though, so...

Did I mention I can't draw? Never stops me, of course. We'll say this one has been holding too much vinyl.

We're going with the "birch" colour to match the craft nook furniture. I'd thought we'd get white, but the white unit in the store looked dingy. (Apparently the old Expedit version was glossier? I don't like glossy white, either, though.) The brown/black one is tempting, but introducing a sixth shade of wood into the already-clashing apartment would make me cry. We kept circling the metallic teal ("Why is it so compelling?!"), but surely you'd feel like you were in Kindergarten after awhile?

Mike's only other item on his list was the other two colours of "Ratta" to match our grey one ("Bliss") at home.

But then we saw "Blahaj."

For some reason we pulled ourselves away from his perfect-for-hugging form, but when we eventually came to the cash registers, Mike suddenly hoofed it back through every store shortcut, and "Sharky" joined the family like he was supposed to. (Sharky loves to be spooned during naptime, I've learned.)

I'd already had my spontaneous plush adoption. Right before we entered the Christmas aisles in front of the checkout belts, I spied something in a bin that I hadn't seen anywhere else at the store.

A soft, soft elephant and its matching baby elephant? "Leddjur" was mine.

Four Christmas-y items were left on my list: a set of glass mugs (alas, they turned out to be espresso-sized), a set of cookie cutters that lets you make standing biscuit trees (never found but are sold online), and two ornaments:

(Link and link.)

That creepy beard-baby (sold in packs of 10!) has been on my wishlist for almost a year, so yay. Box ticked. Finding a job where I feel useful and valued has been on the list a lot longer than that. The new school year starts in February: happy thoughts, happy thoughts.


15 November 2014 |