Procrastination + Impending Dinner =

Four weeks ago: "Oh good, I'll have something to talk about on the blog this month."

Three weeks ago: "Oh good, more stuff."

Two weeks ago: "When I do get around to typing, I will never do justice to all of these thoughts and events."

One week ago: "Yay, summer break has started! I'll blog as a 'treat' between writing lesson plans."

Christmas Day: Violent Illness Of The Legendary Sort That Left Mike Following Me Around With The Steam Cleaner At 4:30 A.M. Many future anecdotes born. Too soon now.

Yesterday: Feeling pretty human. Wheee!

Today: La La La. 


And so, with no time thanks to big cooking ambitions (and because I've already been on my feet typing for the past few hours), I apologize (as always) to my Future Nostalgic Self and present this list of things that made me happy or annoyed me in December:

  • HAPPY: I am now the minder of four fragrant rosebushes out on our balcony. One designer bush from the big box, three no-name mutts from an amazing rose nursery surrounding a guy's house on the hillside in Donnybrook.
  • HAPPY: My aunt's DNA test results came in. So much new data to use for research.
  • HAPPY: Ninety-nine-cent iPad stylus makes Drawception so much more fun, even though it turns out that I'm still utterly unskilled.
  • HAPPY: Spending seven hours cleaning out my two classrooms, Mike's two old classrooms, and Mike's new classroom in preparation for making them amazing places that "set a tone." That, or I'm trying to establish order where I can, but you should see my fabulous new posters.
  • ANNOYED: People who don't clean out their classroom when the annual end-of-year room reassignment occurs. This is apparently a bit of a tradition, as we found a student essay from 1987 in the wardrobe in Mike's new room.
  • ANNOYED: When a person responds to my being unable to eat for three days over Christmas with "I'm jealous!" 
  • HAPPY: Mike putting up the kangaroo nativity set - the Kangavity - while I was sick.
  • HAPPY: Discovering a new duck pond.
  • HAPPY: New games.
  • HAPPY: Finally watched all of Gilmore Girls.
  • HAPPY: Got Mike hooked on Gilmore Girls in time for the last two seasons. (It's something.)
  • ANNOYED: With anyone who rooted for Logan or, worse, Jess (gag, gag, gag) on Gilmore Girls.
  • ANNOYED: Australia Post's new forwarding service from the United States, for items that don't normally ship to Australia, is a clusterfluff without even getting into the fact that they want to charge $90 in shipping for two ordinary board games.
  • HAPPY: Baskin Robbins opened! It's not Ben & Jerry's, but it's 32 (32? 31 is over now?) flavours of ice cream and some have mix-ins! Open until 10 p.m.! Variety, mix-ins, and late hours? Has this patch of Western Australia gone mad? And now Coles grocery store has started selling a store brand of ice cream with mix-ins... the much-lamented plain ice cream scene here, it is changing!
  • HAPPY: Christmas episode of Downton Abbey.
  • ANNOYED: With a bunch of health stuff I wrote after this, which I've now deleted.
  • HAPPY: To have written some plans for my four different classes.
  • ANNOYED: To be teaching four different classes, for which I need so many more plans, and school starts in one month.
  • ANNOYED: That a salary difference of about $20,000 is hinging on my old school district sending a one-sentence email to my new school district because the new school district won't accept a detailed list of days contracted/days worked as proof that I took no unpaid leave. I have to have a specific communication that says that. I've broken the new district down to accepting an email instead of a written notice on letterhead. Meanwhile, the old school district isn't replying to me, and it was hard enough to get them to break the rules to send me the original form via email as it was. (Because technically they only do domestic mail or in-person pick-ups for verification of service.) DUELING BUREAUCRACIES!
  • HAPPY: To live somewhere where teachers are paid well, and to have been hired in the first place. (But I still want to be paid at the appropriate salary level, thanks.)
  • HAPPY: For there is Brie in the refrigerator and Indian on the horizon.
  • HAPPY: In general. I wish I could express this better, but I generally dislike blogging any significant amount of text via the iPad, and when I've felt like standing at the computer, other tasks (lesson planning, DNA hunting) have been more worthwhile. I see now that this isn't going to change. That's annoying, but I'm alive and live well and am loved and have love to give, so... HAPPY.

RESOLUTION: In 2015, I'll try to express those happies more often, even in just lame two-sentence posts. I think I have finally accepted that my days of typing anything of length for the joy of simply reflecting and writing are probably over, but I still want to express myself and pin down memories here.

So, here is to trying old things in new ways. Blogging, teaching, gardening, thinking? Time will tell, and hopefully so will I.

31 December 2014 |