Survived two staff days with heaps of sitting. Staggering pain at a few points, but it's all about adapting.

Mike survived my surviving.

Drinking imported $1.25/can Dr Pepper at 11 p.m. while watching Blades of Glory last night was not terribly responsible, especially with my new resolution to improve my sleep habits, but... Summer Break.

School starts Monday!

My rooms look fabulous.

I'd perhaps trade all six Pinterest-worthy boards for

  • "normal people" air conditioning (what is this evaporative nonsense that is useless when it's humid?).
  • getting to stay in one room instead of swapping back and forth every period (at least they're next to each other).
  • corridors.
  • not having to prepare for four different subjects (all English, but still).

But at least

  • it's not five different subjects, like Mike has.
  • I have lovely floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • my room-switches are due to an interesting schedule.
  • my AC functions in its own muggy way, unlike Mike's, which will allegedly be fixed on Monday morning.

Also, how often does New Teacher Orientation include an explanation of how the beer fridge in the staff room works?

In other "living the Aussie stereotype" news, this warning popped up on a local Facebook group last week:

(Still having fun!)



31 January 2015 |