Arting Around

Because it's my last day of being 45 and because I just realised that I went all year without making a "Stars on 45" joke (damnit), and because I've been off work for two days with "developing bronchitis" and am therefore going to have to postpone our annual Royal Show visit (although, honestly, I'm all better except for the rattling wheeze and all the cruddy side effects from the meds I have to take for another week and all the tiredness - so, really, my cough is better)... I get to call a few minutes spent decorating "art" just so I can make a fart allusion in the title of this post.

Do you see why I normally don't explain the titles?

I stopped collecting tarot cards about 20 years ago when the completionist in me couldn't handle all of the mediocre New Age decks being pumped out (and usually sold in massive plastic clamshell cases that would made the old CD packaging look minimalist and elegant). However, a few new decks have still slipped in over the years, and each time I justify it by saying, "I'm going to decorate with these someday!"

(The ex-fortune teller in me is horrified, but the scrapbooker in me says, "I can get 78 pieces of art for twelve bucks?")

During a brief alignment of meds and optimism yesterday afternoon... no, wait, that was when I did the laundry. During a churlish fit yesterday evening of I'M SO SICK OF BEING SICK that involved pacing (stomping) everywhere because I couldn't breathe lying down (and, as always, the back abhors sitting), I spied this photo frame gathering dust after being recently snatched from Kmart clearance and said IT'S TIME.

(All-caps for emphasis and because making quotation marks on the iPad takes too long when you've only so many hours left before you're technically pushing 50. I'm not so close to death, hopefully, that I'm deliberately speaking like a Pratchett anthropomorphism, although I saw a theatrical production of Hogfather last weekend, and Death was rather inspiring: two-man puppetry, special microphone effects, and the well-timed flares of electric blue lights in his eye sockets, not to mention the well-timed flares of my hacking fits.)

Here's what cheap frame + piece of too-small scrap paper from pad bought at Spotlight with massive coupon months ago + "air mail" washi tape from Officeworks bargain bin two years ago to cover up the edges + two randomly drawn - seriously! - cards from the Joie de Vivre tarot deck (affixed with less-attractive washi tape for easy changing-out as the mood sees fit since somehow I didn't draw any of the darling cards depicting rabbits) looks like:

Arting Around


25 September 2015 |