Weeds and Waiting

After a late day at work we popped by The House, which is still just an empty sandy lot with no sign of settlement in sight.

This would be upsetting if I chose to think about it. The land contract (signed a month ago) has a settlement due date of six weeks from now, which seemed easy at the time, and yet there are so many things to do that all seem to be the prerequisite of each other.

Not really visible in the photo: the lovely blue wildflowers growing out of the weeds, aka lupins. (Spring is only four weeks away.)

This week the drafting was completed and the shire approved the plans. And then it was today, only just today, that I noticed that on the preliminary plans - which I know are just preliminary but we did have to initial every adjustment - the sink in the kitchen is not in the center of the island where we asked for it to be. (Not even a special request - it's part of the "please make identical to the display home/existing floor plan" part of the house.) How long will it take them to re-draft? Does it affect approval and licenses? Will they try to charge us? Will it get ugly? If it does, will we ever find another block of land as good in this final phase of development in the one place we want to live (within our budget)?

It's hard to stress about this when, last night, the Local Homeless Man tucked into Mike's already-gnawed-on chicken wings and my bread crusts after we left our sidewalk picnic table outside the pub. (Yeah, we gave him our boxed leftovers.) Tonight I saw him sleeping in his usual spot on the wide porch of some offices. He has a sleeping bag. Nobody seems to run him off. The last time we met him he said he was glad not to be a wage slave, so I guess he's adjusted to the lifestyle. Last night he sat down with me while Mike was inside grabbing a takeaway container.

"You don't mind if I sit here, right?"

"Well, it's a little WEIRD. Who are you?"

"Just a guy from Perth."


"Someone called me Jesus once. Heh..."

(But I still want my sink moved back to the center of the island. It may not be important, but everyone trying their best has to still matter.)




27 August 2016 |