Conslabulate Us!

Settlement happened, dirt moved, and six days later, our slab was born!

On the seventh day, everything and everyone rested, but on the eighth night... we did not rest. On the eighth night, there may have been some furtive "I'm walking down our hall! This is our hall! I'm going round the corner!" under the stars.

Now it's been 10 days since the slab went down. Soakwells have gone in, I think. Excess dirt has been toted away. We have builder signs facing two directions now. No bricks yet. No skip bin yet. No portapotty yet. No word on when they're going to relocate the bathtub drain pipe to the centre of the recess - something we all overlooked on the plans when the tub was changed - but they said it wouldn't take more than two days nor would it interrupt scheduling.

Above, the current ensuite. I don't know why the tub recess, or whatever it's called, is so narrow, but the person dealing with the drain thinks it's normal. (If not, it's their problem to sort out.)

Maybe I seem a little fixated on the master bath? I'm just really, really ready for a long, hot soak. A little Blanche DuBois escape, a little physiotherapy... and this time next year, I can have one!

But in nearer sights, school ends in three weeks. Because 12s left last month and 11s ended their year on Friday, we're now all being hit with internal relief (subbing) left and right, but I think I can do three more weeks... especially if Mike keeps taking most of my relief periods.

(Mike may not be able to wait a year for that soak. Kalbarri? Rotto? Hmm... maybe a tiny vacation wouldn't eat into that first mortgage payment toooo much?)


27 November 2016 |