Penny for My Pencil

It's been a long time / now I'm / enjoying our home.

I've been away now / oh how / something something garden gnome?

(Apologies to Lennon-McCartney.)

Well! Here we are again, me making obligatory words about long absences and new normals and other tiresome thoughts. But this time, THIS time, guess what?

I'm using an Apple Pencil. No pecking at the iPad. No lame-o attempts at dictation.(Dictation is wonderful. Me orally composing my thoughts? Much less so.)

So, the old iPad had been a pill for ages, and our new house - we built it! it happened! -is so great that it destroyed it for me. Okay, I'm the one who set the tablet at an uncertain angle in the "drop zone", only to hear it crash and smash on the wood-look porcelain tiles seconds later, but I love that drop zone, and I super-love those tiles, and that's why I think the house wanted me to have a new iPad. One of the really big ones. And an Apple Pencil. I love our house.

I think I love this app (Good Notes), too. The app I don't love is Blogsy, as it apparently died along with the old iPad, but let's see how well this scribble-to-text conversion plus non-app upload to the site works. See you.. .soon?



10 September 2017 |