Holy Crap, It's New Year's Eve Already

Topics that I might've discussed here at length (but, in keeping with my ways of the past fourish  years, did not whatsoever):

  • His 'n Hers veggie patches
  • Taking a rabbit to Perth for a hysterectomy
  • The house, the house, the house
  • My great-great grandmother and how she finally has a face
  • Dad has a girlfriend
  • It turns out that I like gin
  • And port. All of the regional wineries suddenly make sense. 
  • Faboo picture books that I continue to buy for my 18-month-old niece but then keep for
  • Likewise, I can't resist 20-cent petunias
  • When students give you wine
  • Imported Cheetos
  • Queen Mary 2... in the distance
  • What happened to the third Christmas tree?
  • Dare we get rid of some games?
  • Vanilla Slice: it's the same as that French thing, apparently
  • My first redback Spider
  • One-legged schoolmarming on the first day of school
  • Epicurean buffet forever, except for breakfast (a hard never)
  • ”What landscaping?” and other classics from my still very lovable mother-in-law
  • A fine time once again at the Perth Royal Show
  • Why can’t I make pretzels the way I could in junior high?
  • Why does orange keep happening?
  • New Roombas, first Dysons, and other DINK privileges
  • Solar power - DO IT!
  • Fluffy ducks are always good, but now so are Fluffy Ducks
  • Mike’s Very Merry Chauffeuring Holiday Special
  • So much more about the bunbuns
  • So much more about the house
  • How about those dips that come in terracotta dishes?
  • Stars despite suburbia, and kangaroos, too
  • *

Three posts this year. Resolution for 2018: four!

* Board games posted separately

31 December 2017 |

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