Save the Bs

Subtitle: We Are Now Five Tensies and One

Oh, that is very bad form, leaving the last post on medical cliffhanger, and then, because One Doesn't Blog Anymore, forgetting that happened.

I have (had? by now perhaps we're in the past tense) a very bad vitamin B deficiency. And I sometimes hold my crocheting too close to my eyes. 

That's all. No drama. MRI all clear. Other blood tests dandy. (Still not diabetic despite the cautious assumptions of so many! Huzzah!)

You know, for all the nonsense that is 2020, I am often reflecting this year on how lucky I am. Living in a large, "full-featured" part of the world essentially untouched by COVID-19? Check. Employed? Check. Employed somewhere that doesn't suck. Check. Mike all good. House all good. Rabbits all good. Dad all good (for a senior citizen living in a pandemic with his Significant Other on the other side of the metroplex). 

There are leftover birthday taco fixings and chocolate mousse in the fridge. That's good. I'm making some sort of potato and corn chowder from scratch on the stove. 

The two weeks of holidays before the last term (holidays except for a pile of marking) have started.

I entered the scrapbook competition of this year's Royal Show (the annual week-long event cancelled, but some things are running digitally). After months of being too busy, I made my page the night before.... and got black ink all over it at the last minute. And all over the rug. And basically everything I touched. Twice! 

But you know what? It all wiped up. Even the rug! Black pigment-based ink! THE NEXT DAY. (I had missed some spots.) Okay, the scrapbook page suffered a lot of last-minute gewgaw repair camouflage, but maybe that was better? I came in third. Between the still-visible black smudges and the shoddy last-minute photo changes (one of which I really regret) and printing the photos on mediocre cardstock instead of, you know, proper stuff, I should be pretty pleased with third... and not at all fixated on coming first last year. (Technically, that was in a different category that happened to involve a scrapbook page, but you know.)  

Things are pretty "schmicko" as Mike would say.

While I'm here, and the chowder is simmering, other snapshots of the moment:

  • I joined a monthly crochet subscription box
  • I wish Australia had more subscription boxes
  • I'm working on some fingerless mittens, even though I've never wanted such a thing plus summer is coming, but I can't find a hard definition on fingerless mittens vs fingerless gloves vs wristlets (sometimes wristlettes). And then there are armwarmers. I think a wristlet should be a mini-armwarmer, and fingerless gloves should always have some sort of separation for fingers, but the internet is lawless in these matters. (Do not, do NOT, ask about "glittens".)
  • Despite the number of wild snapdragons that regularly appear all over the backyard, ripe for the transplanting, I've bought some more snapdragons for the front. I think snapdragons may be replacing the daffodil as my very-very favourite flower. (And yet snapdragons don't trump roses, so... my ranking system needs some work.)
  • We have the Alma Mater board game on the table, ready to try.
  • The buns were vaccinated by the home vet on my birthday over the weekend. It was not as bad as last time. Pedicures, too.
  • I'm trying to keep cyclamens going indoors.
  • I'm reading Beach Read. I was liking it, but the ending is boring me and I legitimately may not finish it. I admire the premise and how it was executed, and it really is exactly what the title suggests, so this may be new levels of fiction apathy for me.
  • I'm also reading a tale a day from Stories of Perth, purchased in Fremantle last week. So far, so boringly on-the-nose earnest, but maybe it will pick up.
  • We've had two trips to the Perth area since "things started" in March: one last week to pick up the scrapbooking entry, and one the previous week to drop it off. Now you know where the chocolate mousse - and saffron rice pudding and dark orange chocolate bark and salt bagels and seeded mustard potato salad and all the goodies - come from.

(Food's ready. To be continued some day.)

28 September 2020 |