Autumnal Address

I started this post three weeks ago with a title and yep, yep, here we are, term break over, a week into the new term, and I forgot what I was going to say.... which rhymes with crochet, crochet, crochet. It was probably something about crochet.

It could have been a little head shake about how I'm still only halfway through my gourmet fairy floss advent calendar. The little cups are perfect for potting up succulent pups.

* * *

Now we're five weeks into the new term, all of the 12s out for exams and me in for marking them. Kettle is on the stove and one critter is lying like a hot dog bun in repose, The Sorrowful Bunny. Perhaps he too was woken by a rooftop symphony of thumps and squawks. Mike and I both jumped out of bed, fearful that the neighbour's stray cat was after the local 28s again. I still love cats, but after eight years in this land I have gone native and grumble at those who don't keep them away from the birdies.

I wish so much that I was working on the Taman Shud/Somerton Man case right now. By the time I actually post this, it may be solved at last. Awareness of autosomal DNA to solve crimes hasn't hit the media here like it has in the States. "You have Imposter Syndrome," said Mike in the car the other day. "You never think you're good at anything."  "That's not true. I'm very good at DNA research."

(Says the woman currently glaring at matches from three different lines all trying to live on the same DNA segment. Two lines are already known to be intertwined, so that's okay - if irritating - and the third plausibly could be as well, but I hope it doesn't get that messy. Keep moving, people! Giddyap with the pioneer migration and stop lazing in the 18th century Carolinas, being related to every farm within a day's ride! Another cup of "Caramel Brownie" tea? Yes, and a hot bagel, I think. Were I not trapped in these parentheses, I could exclaim about now having properly boiled bagels ten minutes away. Glory days!)

Why are aliens trending on social media? C'mon people - I know the recent remarks by Obama and the Pentagon are interesting, but be cool. Let's not wave a big flag saying we're ready to acknowledge that they're here and that they can come out now. I don't need the sense of perspective on world events that comes with having to compare them with intergalactic invasion.

I tried to be super-mature and not put sugar in this last cup of tea. Bleh. Now I have a tepid water feature to decorate the table.


* - *

(Another month passes.)

(The bagel shop also makes terrific cinnamon doughnuts.)

(Full spelling of "doughnuts" to defer to the preference of my resident country.) 

* _ *

(The end of the extra-long 11-week term finally comes, and the title of this post goes two weeks out of code, and I finally add a few paragraphs... and then I hit publish, without saving or CTRL-A/CTRL-C first, and of course I've been logged out, so they are lost. Summary: Yes to tea, crochet, library e-cookbook lending, DNA, and other people mowing the lawn and other people napping. No to garage organising, spider relocation, Term 3 planning, and sorting out umbrellas for next week.)

03 July 2021 |

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