Dutiful Mumblings Before Midnight

Ambitious thought yesterday: tomorrow I'll squeeze in another blog post for the year by writing up the list of my Top 10 games for 2021.

Every year Mike and I delight in presenting to each other our annual Top 10 board games list along with special categories like "Most Underwhelming of (Year)" and "Robbed by Forgetfulness" and (new this year) "Pretty-Pretty Consolation Prize". It's always fun and surprisingly edifying. This year we've added some Prediction categories, including predicting each other's top choices. I don't think Mike will get my #1, but he's probably good to Place or Show.

Alas (for certain values of "alas"), said presentation hasn't happened yet, so I can't reveal anything yet, which means we fall back on the old standard of "here's what's been going on" for content. At least this time the post won't have weeks or months missing from the middle as time is burning, as the goblins didn't quite used to say.

Speaking of board games: gave the niece Dragonimo for Christmas. I think they're (as in the family - I'm not being progressive with pronouns) still working out the rules. Hopefully The Barnabus Project was more immediately satisfying for her other gift.

In five weeks Western Australia will open its borders, but thanks to some  backpackers on overstayed visas who slipped in an hour before flights from Queensland came with quarantining, and more especially thanks to all of the people of as certain demographic or two who are determined to rave it up whilst providing false contact information and/or not turning on their phones once things get "interesting", and thanks to all of the people who think they can leave the Perth area to come to my part of the state to holiday and just "blend in" rather than wear the indoor masks now mandated for Perth-lings, and thanks to everyone who is "so sick of" the pandemic but has had their lives almost completely unaffected while watching other countries and then eventually the eastern half of ours burn, and thanks to every politician who chose popularity and/or pushing back against the other party over public health, and thanks to what seems to be humanity's hardwired programming, we now have COVID loose in my part of paradise. (As in down the road, not just W.A.)

I'm grateful for having almost two years of being mostly a spectator living life as normal. I will never understand the selfishness revealed in this pandemic.

Anyway, third shot is next week. Wish me luck when school resumes.

I just don't care about leaves on the lawn. Our neighbours - who deliberately killed their shire-provided verge tree - are obsessed with sweeping them into the street. Give it a few days and the lawnmower munches them right up... oh, unless you have fake grass, as they do. (Ah, suburbia.)

The buns are well. The smol boi popcorned yesterday, silly legs and all. I am better at getting in a nuddle, even without dehydrated apple as a bribe, than Mike is with his swooping predator height. At last, a wan slap at tall people privilege.

Privilege... misguided privilege... misguided... the Wheel of Time TV show. I didn't think I would reread the series once again in my lifetime, but something has to take the Dark One's Taint out of having viewed whatever that debacle was. I've never seen a visual adaptation of a novel less faithful to the source material. Entire episodes would pass without anything happening from the book except characters standing with other characters... and never mind the hamfisted changes made in the name of so-called "feminism" rather than letting the female characters be the juggernauts of varying stripes as they are in the book. It's like a parody - and I still have to wear a bra to work.

I'm still a bit bleary-eyed from waking up and really want to use my "back time" at the computer for research, not for cementing in my passing thoughts, especially when I seem to be focused on life's irritants and not the possibility of breakfast burritos or how good the lava lamp is looking in its new spot or the freestyle basketweave bunny pad I started crocheting or how indomitable my anacampseros pups are or the lovely dreamsicle colour of the dove on the roof yesterday or what it's like to own so many lemons or how I think I'll start paying for Duolingo. Time to hit "Draft" and hope I.... nah, let's just hit "Publish". Just in case.


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31 December 2021 |

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