Him and Her

(Written last year during a long meeting that could have been a short email. As always, I am not a poet, but I do like trying to wedge words into really specific poetic forms... which happens to look like I am taking attentive notes. I admit it: sometimes I throw in thoughtful nods for effect. This is a first draft about our rabbits.)

Him and Her

Sugar-buns dream of sweet Timothy hay
or petunia-gaze from the window.
A tall sunbeam measures the day.

And an innocent duffin may sometimes sashay
to a thousand-dollar rug - oh no!
But sugar-buns dream of sweet Timothy hay.

The buck gallumps on soft feet of clay
but look at him binky and go!
And a strong sunbeam measures the day.

Capt. Nibbles stands so stately in grey
a deceptively squee-perfect tableau.
Yet sugar-buns dream of Timothy hay.

And maybe they dream of far-off L.A.,
of the stars and the neon aglow.
Where a gold sunbeam measures the day.

I hope, I hope, these critters so fey
boast hearts of content, curious and gay.
Sugar-buns dream of sweet Timothy hay;
May a tall sunbeam measure the day.

12 February 2022 |