It Has Been A Long Time Since I Wrote A Sonnet

(Another recently surfaced word exercise written during a meeting of questionable purpose and length last year. "Olga" refers to a time during a week-long series of workshops - the kind you pay too much for and attend during summer break to keep up your teacher registration - when an instructor decided to micromanage her adult attendees, so we all adopted slightly stroppy alter-egos to cope. Leave on those first draft kindness boots.)

Years drift and dim since my last forlorn verse
in a sonnet form, in the English style,
with overful syllables and scheme, of course.
With some lofty purpose meant to beguile -

or just a wordy doodle in a class,
frittering the clock hands, long and minute.
Another morning lecture that could not pass
as an email, but instead I press MUTE.

Instead "Olga" learnt her naughty habit
of pondering rhyme and stanza, seeking
a credible excuse to jot down "rabbit,"
and sailing through those hoops she's leaping.

The purple pen again scatters the rust;
Smile, nod, and lie - what we do for a crust!

19 February 2022 |

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